Can Bird Flight Patterns Predict Dangerous Weather Events?


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Predicting the Weather | Posted on 19-12-2014

Many scientists who study earth changes such as earthquakes and tsunamis have observed that unexplained or unusual animal and bird behavior sometimes precedes a natural disaster. Now scientists from the University of California at Berkeley may have pinpointed one possible mechanism for this phenomenon.

Businessman Bruce Levenson reports researchers placed tracking devices on 20 golden wing warblers, tiny little birds found nesting part of the year in the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee. They discovered that when a massive storm system moved into the area in April, 2014, the birds flew 932 miles away and avoided the dangerous weather system, only to return a few days later.


The research reportedly appears in the current issue of the journal Current Biology. Two federal government agencies helped support the tracking project.