The Best Food for Man’s Best Friend


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Premium Dog Food | Posted on 09-02-2016

As consumers become more health-conscious, they are paying special attention to the kinds, qualities, and quantities of ingredients that they are putting into their bodies. Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and purely organic diets are but a few of the diets families today are selecting for the sake of health.

This relatively new demand leads to new opportunities within the health food market. As families go the healthy route, they want to be sure they include every family member. But where are all of the quality foods for our adopted family member--man’s best friend?

Never fear! Companies are producing top-of-the-line dry and wet foods for our furry friends with increasing fervor. According to a Daily Herald article, the pet-food industry is worth $23.7 billion, and it is growing. Several companies are introducing new foods with emphases on easy digestion, grain-free recipes, and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

One such company spearheading the way is Purinastore’s Beneful. The proof of how serious this movement is can be seen in Beneful’s use of an entire nutrition research team to develop its products. The Beneful team is full of immunologists, biochemists, and of course, nutritionists to ensure that the quality of the food is not only tasty, but effective in providing Fido with the healthiest food that he can get.

The delicious-sounding and well-rounded common formula in Beneful’s wet foods is this: meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey or even salmon; vegetables, such as carrots, peas, or potatoes; and a grain, such as barley or wild rice. That means Beneful provides a dish in which the main ingredient is real meat and complete with the nutritional benefits of a few vegetables and the energy of a healthy grain. My, oh my. That is certainly enough to get a human’s mouth watering, not to mention a dog’s. With healthy premium dog food like this on the market, Fido could not ask for more if he sat at the table with the family.