Let Me Tell You about Wonderful Beneful Products


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Products for Dogs | Posted on 09-12-2015

Dry Dog Food
Beneful offers dry dog food for all sizes of dogs and taste buds. Their recipe includes real meat, like beef, chicken, and salmon. The original recipes provide pups with 100% of their daily nutrients. This healthy meal gives dogs those crunchy bites as well as soft tender bites of food. Besides the real meat inside Beneful dry dog food, their recipe also calls for carrots, tomatoes, peas, and spinach as well as sweet potatoes and green beans. Beneful also offers dry dog food to help maintain your dogs’ health. They offer a Healthy Weight dry food that offers the same great ingredients and stellar taster but is calorie smart.

Wet Dog Food
There is a variety of wet dog food that Beneful offers on petco.com. One terrific style is their chopped blends. These chopped blends come in flavors such as beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and even lamb. With each meat, the chopped meals are accompanied with peas and carrots, brown rice and sweet potatoes, and other delicious ingredients. Beneful on facebook has also introduced other flavorful meals such as beef stew, roasted chicken, beef and chicken medley, and roasted turkey medley, just to name a few. Just like their dry food, Beneful wet dog food provides 100% of your dogs’ daily nutrition with wholesome ingredients.

Yummy Dog Treats
Baked Delights
Everyone loves to treat their dog for a job well done. Beneful offers just the right treats that are nutritious and the perfect snack. Their Baked Delights come in five different varieties. Heartfuls is one of the Baked Delights that is heart-shaped with a yummy apple-flavored filling and real bacon inside. There are two different flavors of the Baked Delights Stars, the bacon and cheese flavor as well as the chicken and cheese flavor. Either are sure to be a delightful treat for man’s best friend. Beneful has treats they call Hugs which are baked treats filled with beef and cheese inside. And they offer Snackers, which are treats shaped as apples, carrots and peas that are filled with peanut butter and cheese.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists
Beneful also offers an enjoyable dental treat for dogs, the Healthy Smile Dental bones. There are treats with ridges and a twisted treat. Both offer the same great flavors and help your dog keep their healthy smile! These dental treats are perfect for dogs of any size since they offer minis, small/medium, and large.