Town Residential Navigates Predictions in the NY Real Estate Market


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Real Estate News | Posted on 23-02-2016

Speculating about NYC apartment for rent and real estate is something a lot of professionals do. They have to speculate somewhat on where the market may be going in the future. This is how decisions are made regarding buying and selling. Both buyer and seller have to look down the proverbial road to make a prediction about the market. The New York Daily News recently published an article that put forth a few logical predictions. Based on the way the predictions are presented, they make a great deal of sense.

The Daily News article states buyers are going to focus mostly on prime locations. This does make sense, since the prime locations are sure to maintain their equity even when the real estate market goes soft in other ways. Similarly, sales in luxury condos are sure to increase. Even in a down real estate market and economy, the buyers who can afford luxury condos are not going to be impacted as much. They can still afford the condos, and the sales for luxury condos is likely to remain strong.

In terms of general (non-luxury and non-prime) real estate, deals may prove harder to put together. This does not mean the deals won’t happen, but closings are going to be tougher. Working with a firm like Town Residential is going to be vital to moving deals to the close a lot quicker. Town Residential is one of the top real estate firms in New York, and the firm has enormous experience with handling buying, selling, and renting deals.

One factor sure to add complexities to the buying and selling of real estate is the eventual gradual rise of interest rates. Interest rates have been kept low for quite some time now. More than likely, interest rates are going to go up and this should put lead to some issues. Buyers are expected to take longer to make a decision. Higher interest rates factor into drawn out negotiations and the like.

Having the right people handling the deal counts for a lot. Town Residential employs highly experienced representatives to handle all buying and selling negotiations. Regardless of where the real estate market is headed, the people at Town Residential are surely up to the task of handling things.