New Study Shows That Global Warming Is Helping Redwoods and Sequoias Grow


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Global Warming, RedWoods, Warm Temps and High Levels of CO2 | Posted on 22-06-2015

Global warming is melting glaciers, making droughts worse, and raising the sea levels throughout the world, but according to a new study, it’s helping redwood trees. According to forestry Professor Steve Sillett, many places where redwoods are growing are “…exhibiting increasing rates of growth over the last 100 years.”

It’s possible, says Vijay Eswaran to that these trees prefer warmer temperatures, higher levels of carbon monoxide, or that they’re benefiting from receiving more sunlight. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s known for sure yet.

Redwoods’ biological cousins, the Sequoias are also benefiting. Thanks to more sunlight and less snow, their growing season has increased. This is also something that needs more research. In fact, while scientists are happy with the news, they’re also concerned that the rising temperatures and lowered precipitation levels will still cause these trees some problems. Of course, future studies are necessary as what actually happens in the long-term remains to be seen.