The Best MJ Impersonator


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Music, Performance, Sergio Cortes | Posted on 02-12-2015

Sergio Cortes is said to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator of all times. A lot of people have tried, but Cortes is close to accurate as they come. He hails from Barcelona, Spain. His dance moves are not only like Michael Jackson’s, but his appearance closely resembles the “King of Pop”, so dubbed. If you close your eyes, one would swear they are at a Micheal Jackson concert.

When he was a youth, he enjoyed dressing as Michael Jackson, and made sure that he learned all his dancing moves. The people in his neighborhood saw the uncanny resemblance, and they would stop and stare, even doing a double take. Soon a reporter posted a videos on line, after that,this is where he began performing as Jackson. People even sold his pictures as the real Micheal Jackson.

When he got older he realized that he had a number of fans who was spurring him on to continue his impersonation, they loved watching him sing and dance. So it dawned on him that he had a future of imitating Michael Jackson.

Cortes really got deeper into this in 2009 ,when the singer passed away. He did a tribute to Michael Jackson. At this tribute he dance and made all the right moves, as his idol would. He also did over a few of Jackson’s videos. He was especially a sensation in Thriller and Smooth Criminal. If you happen to meet him in person, you will see the uncanny resemblance. His voice is even about the same pitch, making this almost too perfect. Anyone can easily get the two mix up, if Michael Jackson was still with us. When he preforms, he brings the audience to their feet, just wanting more. He aims to please.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

For those people who really missed seeing Michael Jackson preform, Cortes is a real treat. He keep his memory alive. If you want to see his performance, you may have to take a quick trip to Brazil. He will truly surpass your expectations.

You can follow him on Facebook or even Twitter. These pages will keep you abreast of what is going on with Sergio Cortes, an any upcoming performance he has schedule. He has not done anything in North America as yet, but during the upcoming year his plans are to come to the United States, hoping to also mesmerize the audience.