George Soros Call Donald Trump On The Carpet For Hate Speech


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George Soros was reported in an article in Forbes Magazine speaking on the subject of the current United States presidential election. George was asked to speak on the candidates who are involved in the race, and his opinion is valuable given his ties to political campaigns. This article explains how Soros used Donald Trump as an example of unintended consequences.

#1: Donald Trump Is Doing ISIS’ Work

Donald Trump has used a slew of hate speech to fuel a campaign that attracts angry people who want change. Trump is exercising his first amendment right to free speech, but he does not realizes the consequences of what he is doing. George Soros has seen these problems in the past with hateful rhetoric, and he believes that ISIS is recruiting based on what Trump says.

#2: Closing Borders Never Helps The Situation

George does not want to see America become an isolationist country, and he wants to use the EU as an example of openness. There is a zone where people may pass freely in the EU, and he hopes that Americans will use the EU as example. People who are fleeing the current crisis in Syria will find homes in many EU countries, but those countries must be willing to deal with the financial burden. He sees the opposite happening in America even though the country can handle the financial implications.

#3: Other Candidates Are Not Doing Much Better

Forbes billionaire George Soros is watching the presidential campaign with great interest, and he believes that every Republican candidate has used some form of hate speech to gain followers. People like Ted Cruz are trying to be as hateful as Donald Trump, and the candidates together are creating a firestorm of hate in the middle east. Any Muslim who is predisposed to hating the west will have an even greater reason to join the movement, and it will be harder to fight terrorism in the future.

#4: Soros Work Closely With Democrats

Soros has funded many democratic campaigns, and he runs the Open Society Foundation to help promote equality and democracy. He is seen as one of the most liberal minds in the world, but his words on Trump are beginning to ring true. George has seen hate spewed all over the world in his nonprofit work, and he was subject to quite a lot of anti-semitic hate when he made his fortune speculating on the British pound.

George Soros is something of a sage in the political world. He could be dismissed as partisan, but he clearly has the experience to speak on the subject of the most recent election. Hate speech that is left unchecked could cause a resurgence of Muslim radicalization just as George has predicted.

US Farmers Sue Swiss Company Over Corn Problems


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The issue of genetically modified organism’s has been a major one for a number of decades with many pressure groups and government agencies refusing to accept crops grown from GMO’s. In the US the use of GMO affected seeds came to the fore in 2014 when a strain of seeds sold by the Swiss company Syngenta was identified as being infected with GMO properties. These seeds led to the banning of all corn from the US to China, which caused chaos for farmers and the commodity markets as the infected corn could not be removed from the food chain. Only now has China allowed the import of American grown corn back into the country as US farmers still feel the economic effects of the export ban.

Mikal Watts of the Watts Guerra law practice is leading a class action lawsuit against Syngenta filed in the US in a bid to regain some of the losses US corn farmers have endured. Watts is a well known figure in the agricultural industry as he has preciously fought big businesses on behalf of farmers affected by problems crossing the entire agricultural industry. Watts has already won a $750 million settlement for farmers affected by an issue with Bayer Crop Sciences tainted seed.

The major problems the US corn industry faced were with the fact that tainted corn was mixed with safe crops to make it impossible for the GMO affected products to be removed from the food chain. As much as 20 percent of all US corn is exported each year with the removal of the Chinese market causing a flood of corn back in the US resulting in lower than usual corn prices. The effect was damaging for many US corn farmers who were left with diminished profits for their products and economic problems that continue to this day.