Music Producer Akon Launches An Innovative Solar Energy Program to Aid Africa


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Solar Energy | Posted on 05-06-2015

We in America live with a plethora of luxuries; social media, vehicles, electricity. The list could go on. However, many other countries are not so fortunate and may even struggle getting the most basic of resources. Whether you’ve given it thought or not, it looks like Africa will be getting some of their stresses relieved soon.

So who’s the gracious benefactor of the troubled continent? You may be surprised by the answer. Music singer and producer Akon has made a surprising initiative he calls Akon Lighting Africa to give electricity to around 600 million people in Africa.

Pulling from an idea that has helped propel Brazil’s economy into a globally relevant country, Akon is helping impoverished peoples have power. Brazil’s energy industries are powered by coal, oil, wind, and solar. They have been increasingly using renewable resources in order to have a sustainable energy sector, though they are spurred along by an infrastructure that facilitates growth. Renewable Fersen Lambranho

African economies are being stunted by their lack of power. Africa gets about 320 days of sun a year, something that could prove useful for solar power. In some rural areas as little as 14.2% have access to electricity. Although there have been efforts to reach more people, population growth has almost negated the efforts themselves.

Lucky for Africa, the launch of the Solar Academy will aid engineers and entrepreneurs alike in learning how to produce solar power. Experts will guide participants with training and special equipment.

This is a vital stage in Africa’s development, given the strife they undergo constantly for basic resources. This program will not only provide power for those who need it, but will also help create jobs and give the continent the framework it needs to not only survive, but to thrive.

Solar Power Companies Help With Relief Efforts In Nepal


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Local solar companies in Nepal are helping with the recovery efforts after the earthquakes that have devastated the country. They have teamed up with the Global Nepali Professional Network to raise money for a project called Rebuild With Sun, which aims to distribute as many solar power systems as possible.

In their fund-raising campaign on, the companies explained how far a single donation could go. $50.00 can provide lights and charging for one family, while $100.00 gets enough power for three families. A contribution of $500.00 can buy a 100-watt solar system which can provide power for 15 families and 100 people charging cell phones. The Network hopes to raise $50,000.00 for a start.

Other companies are helping as well. Conergy has pledged to match donations, while SolarCity has pledged to install solar power arrays in 200 Nepalese schools. Other groups and companies are donating money and/or distributing solar kits to areas severely hit by the earthquakes.

Nepal needs all the help it can get. One businessman estimated that the country would need 650,000 mobile solar power kits for basic charging and lighting services, and those would cost around $18 million. Relief workers need power to run medical equipment, water pumps and other gear, and their solar kits would probably cost another $5 million.

Concerned folks at The Aspire New Brunswick know that, even before the earthquakes, nearly a quarter of Nepal’s population did not have electricity. Other people endured blackouts because of fuel shortages. Sandeep Giri, the CEO of Gham Power, hopes that solar power will provide a more reliable source of power. He points out that the solar kits and solar arrays would be easier and safer to transport over a mountainous country like Nepal than would traditional fossil fuels.