Andy Wirth Incorporates Two Ski Resorts to Better Serve Skiers and Residents Alike


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Business, Cool Business Ideas, sports | Posted on 04-01-2016

Squaw Valley is an iconic ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California. It was the host site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. There are 3600 acres of skiing and a lift capacity to handle 58,000 skiers per hour. Squaw Valley offers splendid skiing and has become a retirement and vacation destination for thousands.
It is at this point that complications arise. Residents wish to limit expansion to protect the pristine beauty of the mountain and the adjoining residential and commercial areas. Seems reasonable. Commercial enterprises and employees want further expansion to provide jobs and business for the resort. Skiers seeking more opportunities to ski different trails, take the side of the commercial enterprises. Progress is something that can not be stopped. When the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., Andy Wirth, had the opportunity to acquire the adjoining ski resort, Alpine Meadows. His decision, of course, was for further expansion. There is a much greater degree of efficiency when one company, one man, overseas a gigantic organization. The logistics of operating a ski resort are tremendous. There is the need for extensive snow making and distributing equipment. A fleet of mechanics are necessary to keep the lift equipment and machines operating efficiently and safely. There are ski instructors, ski patrol, staff from the resort, restaurants, bars and ski shops to consider. The impact on year round residents must be added into the mix. Snow plows must make sure skiers can arrive over the roads to access the slopes. All these considerations and worries for a season lasting half a year.
One major obstacle in the way of development of both these ski resorts was a legal move to have the area of the two ski resorts incorporated. As reported in the Reno-Gazette Journal this action would have been disastrous for Wirth as the incorporation would have changed the tax base for the ski resort and would have made it much more difficult for profitability. The story goes on to mention that the last four years have been warmer and the season shorter for all ski resorts. This is like adding insult to injury.
Wirth has walked a tightrope in trying to satisfy all members of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows communities. He is to be commended for his actions. We wish him snowy success.