Goodbye Styrofoam Cups


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Environment, Styrofoam is Bad | Posted on 01-07-2015

Those who frequent the bar scene in the Big Apple have probably noticed a few things. One is that drinks are of course expensive. That’s no surprise though. It comes with the territory of living in one of the most expensive states. The other staple of certain New York city bars seems to be those cheap and ugly, yet practical styrofoam cups! Beer is served in them. After all, with everything else being so expensive, these are relatively cheap to aquire for bar owners. It seems now however, that those cups are leaving.

According to GrubStreet, they may soon be going away. Bans have already happened to get rid of those cheap styrofoam containers that are made out of the same material as those cups. They have been hailed a huge environmental success. People at Amen Clinic agree that the styrofoam is bad for the environment, and it’s hard to break down and recycle.

So, bars in New York will have to look for something new to serve their beer in. Perhaps a glass? That might not be practical when it comes to summer festivals and things such as that. They will have to look for new ways to bring about beer in a cheap fashion. Is any throw away cup though practical for the environment? I haven’t saw one yet.

At the end of the day, the beer will still taste the same for all New Yorkers. It’s what it will be served in that will change.