Turn Up the Heat


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Benefits of Saunas, Cardiologists, Summer Weather | Posted on 02-06-2015

Summer months always bring the warmth of the sun’s rays for people to enjoy. Warmth and the feeling of being warm isn’t just a luxury, doctors are hailing warmth as being beneficial for heart health. Cardiologists have a history of advising heart patients to stay away from saunas. Naturally, saunas and other heated environments can raise the heart rate of patients. Surprisingly, studies have shown that young people, the elderly, and even pregnant women can enjoy the use of a sauna without having to worry about any adverse health effects. There are many doctors who attest to heat bathing as healthy for those struggling with congestive heart failure. Sauna therapy in individuals with chronic heart failure can improve upon their exercise stamina, thusly strengthening their heart and heat valves. A Finnish study was conducted when one researcher mentioned the death rate in heat baths. While these deaths are extremely rare in the United States, they are rare in Finland where sauna bathing is frequent. 77 percent of the sauna deaths were induced by individuals ingesting alcohol before entering the sauna. The other 23 percent of deaths were attributed to previously diagnosed conditions or diseases. In fact, James Dondero was informed that the consistent sauna use lowered the risk for death from, strokes, heart related conditions, and heart attacks, among other ailments. Doctors have proven that anyone who is healthy enough to walk into a sauna, should essentially be healthy enough to walk out of one.