Greg Finch – Specialized Orthopedic Surgeon with Years of Experience


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Surgeon | Posted on 25-06-2017

The bones and muscles in the body tend to get weak and attract a variety of issues as we get older. It is for this reason; we see that many people in their middle and older age suffer from many different musculoskeletal issues. There are many preventive measures one can take to avoid such problems from surfacing and one can even control the impact these problems have on regular life with the help of various modern treatments available.

There are many different orthopedic procedures available today that are weren’t available earlier, and people can go for these treatments to lessen the impact of the musculoskeletal problems they are suffering from. Some of the common orthopedic procedures that are used to treat the musculoskeletal issues are Osteotomy, bone fracture repair, spine fusion, joint replacement, and fusion of bones, soft tissue repair, debridement, arthroscopy, ACL Reconstruction, and more.

The modern treatment methods are minimal or non-invasive in nature and help the person to recover faster. Even though there are many different orthopedic procedures are in use today, some of the most common are shoulder replacement, knee replacement, spine surgery, and hip bone surgery. In these surgeries, prosthesis or a ceramic shaft is used to replace the bone or support the bone that is damaged. In many cases, the prosthesis is removed over a period of time once the affected place has recovered.

Greg Finch is a renowned orthopaedist in Australia serving in the Sunshine Coast Hospital in Queensland. Greg Finch has experience of working at the Royal Perth Hospital before joining Sunshine Coast Hospital. Moreover, Greg Finch has worked with many experienced orthopaedists and medical facilities across New Zealand, Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. Greg Finch specializes in providing efficient and non-invasive surgeries and understands the needs of his patients carefully to ensure the treatment is personalized and accurate.