Bob Reina, His Company Overview, & His Contributions to His Community


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Global fusion is a world leader when it comes to video marketing solutions. They finally launched their highly-anticipated 30 day free trials. The Trials come in 9 different languages and are available in over 140 countries. Customers around the world now have the opportunity to try the product for 30 days with no obligation.

The project took thousands of hours of hard work, not to mention the planning that also took place. Talk Fusion team is very excited about giving possible customers the chance to fully understand how effective the video marketing product is. The trial gives customers the opportunity to have a first-hand experience before making a final purchasing decision.

Potential clients who are interested in trying out the product can sign up on the newly-designed Talk Fusion website, located at Another great thing about the sign up is that customers are not required to enter any financial information, such as credit or debit cards.

Once a user signs up, he/she will get a full 30-day trial and will be able to access video email, live meetings, video newsletters, and sign-up forms. In other words, the users will be able to see the major advantages that the powerful marketing tools have to offer.

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina has a strong commitment to his company, his employees, and his customers. He also has a strong vision about creating the next billion-dollar brand with this type of Technology.

In addition to being passionate about his business, he is also passionate about animals. He has been very outspoken about promoting success and awareness about the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also contributes many other things to the Tampa Bay Community.

One person who worked with Reina describes him as a great mentor. The individual went on to say that Reina is very clear on what he wants to do with his business, and he has direction and purpose.


Tech Firm Coriant Makes a Corporate Appointment


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For a company to achieve maximum production, it has to be armed with professionals as well as considerable expertise. Every business works towards emerging the top. It is the wish of every company that it gets the maximum recognition the best. Coriant is no exception.

Coriant established itself as an independent company back in 2013. The launch of the enterprise under the name Coriant was announced in March 2013. The initiative deals with sales involving hardware and software for optical transmission of voice networks, information, and mobile networks.

The company became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks, which was owned by Marlin Equity Partners. However, Marlin Equity announced the merging of Coriant and Tellabs which will now operate as Coriant

Driven by the zeal to succeed, Coriant has delegated power to Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO. Shaygan is well recognized for his remarkable leadership qualities as well as great experience. Kheradpir is a man of high intelligence. He has worked with various companies.

Shaygan has been an operating partner in Marlin Equity Partners. He has also worked with Barclays as the chief operations and technology officer. Shaygan was also the CEO of Jupiter Networks. These positions gave Shaygan a firm leadership background. Coriant is, therefore, optimistic that Shaygan will direct it to its next phase of development.

What is even more pleasing is the fact that before his new role at Coriant, Shaygan was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. His primary focus was on strategic telecom and technology investments.

That fact comes as a natural fit for the company as he has vast knowledge about the company’s running. Shaygan is therefore in the best position to strategize and drive Coriant to the greatest level of success.

Coriant’s advanced technology and expanding customer base is one of the top factors that attracted Shaygan. The fact that the company has been winning great deals with international carriers is also a great encouragement to Shaygan. The only challenge left for Shaygan is to help the company grow against its competitors such as Cisco and Infinera.

Shaygan is a recognized entrepreneur and a technology expert with over 28 years of experience within the telecom, technology, and financial services industries. Coriant is confident in Shaygan’s ability to lead Coriant to its next level of growth.

Shaygan earned a Ph.D., master’s, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has multiple patents spanning telecom and media as well as on the Cornell University Engineering Council.

To discover more about Shaygan Kheradpir, check out

TalkFusion’s Bob Reina is a video marketing genius


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Talk Fusion by Bob Reina is the next step in video marketing for businesses of all sizes.
Bob Reina’s live presentation opens with a “no-fluff” statement and immediately dives into a confident, articulate graphical and lecture presentation of his company Talk Fusion.
The presentation is well-executed and tailored to the modern societal mindset of quick, easy, effective, efficiency. The video moves quickly while maintaining clarity in terms of what is being presented. As Reina speaks informatively of his company and service, informational graphics sync fluently with his expressions and information. Between stretches of info graphics are professionally animated, high-quality clips and videos regarding highlights of various aspects of the presentation.
Covered in the presentation is a perfect medley of points of interest regarding Talk Fusion: the ease of returning ideal customers to specific businesses of users; any and all business, regardless of size have a tailored and practical use for Talk Fusion services; the “big idea” behind all businesses is achieved through effective, cost-efficient marketing strategies; connecting with customers on a personable level is difficult in today’s society; and the necessity to maximize profits and the reality that ineffective marketing strategies can cost more than their returned value in the long run.
Reina explains that Talk Fusion recognizes the use of videos and social platforms in today’s society on all fronts of consumerism as a whole. Talk Fusion uses a format and layout for businesses that is familiar and comfortable, but effective and streamlined through countless template options and the ability to seamlessly integrate text descriptions and communication and syncing such presentation with the capability of offering exclusive deals and discounts to viewers as a form of incentive or customer stimulus.
As the video moves forward, Reina levels with the audience and presents specific trusted, well-known companies who trust and use Talk Fusion as an avenue for maximizing profits. Such companies include the famous restaurant “Applebee’s” and vehicle manufacturer Toyota. Reina then explains, in detail, how business owners specifically can use Talk Fusion to improve their own performance and maximize their own profits through communicating with and ensuring repeat customers.
Bob Reina demonstrates the passion behind his company’s operation through Talk Fusion’s slogan: “It’s our business to grow your business”. Talk Fusion offers all avenues of marketing as hybrid strategies by infusing them with the ease of watching short videos to become acquainted with a business and idea. Talk Fusion is the marketing innovation that businesses have been searching for.


Shaygan Kherapdir’s Achievements in the Electrical Engineering Field.


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Shaygan Kherapdir is actually a graduate from the Cornell University, which is known to many people for producing very successful individuals. At the university, Shaygan studied electrical engineering, and he concentrated mainly in the control systems. He has a bachelors and master’s degree from that university.

In his career as an electrical engineer, Shaygan Kherapdir has managed to do very well, and he has become a role model to very many people because of his great achievements. Through a lot of hard work, he has managed to develop mission driven teams so that he can make positive and significant changes in each and every company he works for. He has done a lot in the engineering field in the many companies he has joined, and he has also made several positive changes in the world. His contributions are known everywhere.

Recently, Shaygan Kherapdir was appointed the CEO of a company called Jupiter Networks. This company is known to many because it actually pioneered the lucrative networking in the Silicon Valley. He currently works there.

Previously, before getting this appointment, Shaygan Kherapdir was the chief operations and technology officer in the Barclays Group. He started working there in the company’s headquarters which were in London. This was in the year 2011. While in the Barclays group, he managed to develop a lot of cultural changes which very important for the company. The company was able to develop from and transform from using the analogue system and procedures to the modern and effective systems. This made the company to achieve a lot because the modern technology is quite effective and reliable.

ShayganKherapdir started working in the GTE Labs, a company that is based on Boston. While in this company, he worked in the network routing, which is actually the control and also the management part of the institution. He worked extremely hard and after a short time, he was promoted to become the head of software systems in the company. While in that position, Kherapdir managed to do a lot for the organization, recruiting and creating a world class institution which brought the changes in development in the nations networking management.

Shaygan managed to work in the GTE offices in Boston for some time, and he later relocated to the company’s headquarters which are found in Dallas. At the GTE headquarters become the leader of the systems development for all the GTE units.

While working at the GTE headquarters, he managed to form a very strong and reliable team and they managed to nationalize and develop the core systems in GTE to more modern and current systems. This made the company to have a lot of operational excellence due to the good cost infrastructure.

After some duration of time, GTE and Bell Atlantic come together and formed a partnership. The partnership was named as Verizon. Shaygan moved to the New York City and become the president in the e business unit in the new company, Verizon. In this company, he still managed to get a better position through hard work. Although he doesn’t work there anymore, his efforts are still recognized up to date.