TalkFusion’s Bob Reina is a video marketing genius


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Talk Fusion by Bob Reina is the next step in video marketing for businesses of all sizes.
Bob Reina’s live presentation opens with a “no-fluff” statement and immediately dives into a confident, articulate graphical and lecture presentation of his company Talk Fusion.
The presentation is well-executed and tailored to the modern societal mindset of quick, easy, effective, efficiency. The video moves quickly while maintaining clarity in terms of what is being presented. As Reina speaks informatively of his company and service, informational graphics sync fluently with his expressions and information. Between stretches of info graphics are professionally animated, high-quality clips and videos regarding highlights of various aspects of the presentation.
Covered in the presentation is a perfect medley of points of interest regarding Talk Fusion: the ease of returning ideal customers to specific businesses of users; any and all business, regardless of size have a tailored and practical use for Talk Fusion services; the “big idea” behind all businesses is achieved through effective, cost-efficient marketing strategies; connecting with customers on a personable level is difficult in today’s society; and the necessity to maximize profits and the reality that ineffective marketing strategies can cost more than their returned value in the long run.
Reina explains that Talk Fusion recognizes the use of videos and social platforms in today’s society on all fronts of consumerism as a whole. Talk Fusion uses a format and layout for businesses that is familiar and comfortable, but effective and streamlined through countless template options and the ability to seamlessly integrate text descriptions and communication and syncing such presentation with the capability of offering exclusive deals and discounts to viewers as a form of incentive or customer stimulus.
As the video moves forward, Reina levels with the audience and presents specific trusted, well-known companies who trust and use Talk Fusion as an avenue for maximizing profits. Such companies include the famous restaurant “Applebee’s” and vehicle manufacturer Toyota. Reina then explains, in detail, how business owners specifically can use Talk Fusion to improve their own performance and maximize their own profits through communicating with and ensuring repeat customers.
Bob Reina demonstrates the passion behind his company’s operation through Talk Fusion’s slogan: “It’s our business to grow your business”. Talk Fusion offers all avenues of marketing as hybrid strategies by infusing them with the ease of watching short videos to become acquainted with a business and idea. Talk Fusion is the marketing innovation that businesses have been searching for.


Shygan Kheradpir’s Career Life


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Shaygan is technology guru and a real estate entrepreneur. He holds a bachelors, master, and PhD degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has amassed a pool of experience from various technological firms including GTE, Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. He has pioneered intense product development in these firms, which consequently increased their market share. Early life and education Born from a medical father in London, Shaygan Kheradpir and his family moved to Iran from where he spend his teenage years. He later moved to the United States to pursue his university education. He enrolled for electrical engineering course from Cornell University. Upon graduation, Shaygan furthered his education to PhD level. Consequently, he automatically qualified for membership of electrical engineering executive board of the university. Working experience His career experience started in GTE Labs. At GTE, Shaygan was charged with the responsibility of creating, managing and controlling routers of the organization. His hard work and excellence paid off and was promoted to the rank of the Chef Information Officer. Verizon Corporation Bell Atlantic firm embarked into joint business venture with GTE that saw the amalgamation of the two companies to form Verizon Corporation. Having a proven record of competence and hard work, Shaygan was immediately appointed the CEO and the president of the firm’s e-commerce department. During his time in Verizon firm, Shaygan was instrumental in diversifying most telecommunication services of the company. He created alternative methods of performing firm’s operation by automation. In addition, he formed a large team of employees whom he charged with responsibility of creating new techniques of developing firm’s products. The newly formed team implemented majority of the ideas leading to birth of several products. For instance, the team created a popular technological device known as the Iobi, which is used to manage the address books and caller IDs off any device that used technological signals. He fostered the renovation of other critical systems of Verizon such as the restructuring of the website, automation of customer services and call centers. Shaygan Kheradpir later moved to Barclays Group as the chief information officer of global retail and businesses bank. He applied his background in electrical technology to create a mobile payment-Pingit- that enabled Barclays clients to depot payments online. He pioneered other product developments, which increased the firm’s market share. Juniper networks Shaygan works here currently as the chief executive officer and president. His contribution is evident in the restructure and implementation of the Integration Operation Plan, which is a cost-cutting program to attract more investments into the firm.