Sam Tabar appointed COO of FullCycle Fund


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Merrill Lynch, THINX | Posted on 27-03-2017

Just recently, Sam Tabar was selected to become the chief operations officer at an institution known as FullCycle Energy. The new job comes as no surprise to the many, given the expertise acquired by the financial strategy in the recent past.

Bloomberg reported that Sam Tabar is one of the most successful attorneys in the United States. Tabar is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has changed the lives of many people in the world. At the moment, the successful finance strategist is based in New York City.

Tabar went for his master’s degree in law at the prestigious Columbia University. Before going to this university, the businessman had attended the famous Oxford University where he received his Bachelor of Degree in Arts. After completing his studies, the businessman worked for different law firms. Some of these include Arps, Meagher, Skadden, and Slater.

Sam Tabar’s vast experience in the finance industry was acquired after working at some of the most respected finance institutions in the United States. Tabar worked at Flom LLP as an associate for several years before joining Merrill Lynch to work as the head of capital strategies.

The successful attorney, later on, went to Schulte Roth where he operated as the hedge fund manager.

At his new position at FullCycle Energy, Tabar will be in charge of several activities. The businessman is expected to use his expertise to help the company to meet his various objectives.

The entrepreneur is expected to help in reducing environmental pollution that is caused by carbon monoxide. He will also play a significant role in making sure that the company produces better fuel at affordable prices for the consumers. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Apart from being successful in the finance industry, Tabar has started several ventures. He has also partnered with different organizations to help needy people in different parts of the globe. The lawyer is part of an institution known as THINX.

The organization was established to help empower women in African by providing sanitary pads. According to, through this organization, Sam Tabar wants to ensure that women in Africa have an opportunity to go to work and school. He helps to raise money for THINX campaigns.