Tornadoes Hit Several States


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There have been a serious of tornadoes which have hit three states in the center of the United States, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. There have been a significant amount of property damage as a result of these storms and there are indications that the damage will continue with additional bad weather on its way.

The new storms will strike Oklahoma City as well as a number of smaller cities on its path through the area. Flipped over trucks and collapsed buildings and homes have been already reported in conjunction with this storm. There have been no significant injuries or fatalities reported yet as a result of the storm.

Not only are the storms themselves dangerous, but so are the higher winds and rains that come after the storms, as well as the flooding that typically ensues in its path. The Norman Regional Hospital is currently operating with power from backup generators but is fully operational and it attempting to restore power as soon as possible. There are also reports of a coming twister to some parts of the state as well.

There have also been closures to the regional airports with the Will Rogers World Airport stating that there will be no additional flights out of the airport until the tornado threats have passed by. Further, flash flood emergency was declared for the first time in Oklahoma City history by the National Weather Service which is a big concern for Brian Torchin as well as OKC locals.

Tornadoes Strike Illinois Towns


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Multiple tornadoes made landfall in Illinois on Thursday. One appeared 80 miles from Chicago and injured at least 11 people. A 67-year-old woman in Fairdale died in her home, according to the DeKalb County coroner Dennis Miller. Her family found the body. Nearly all the buildings in Fairdale, which has a population of 150, were damaged. Our of the 75 or so buildings in town, 17 were destroyed, and 50 were damaged.

The nearby town Rochelle was largely spared, but a tornado did hit a restaurant called Grubsteakers. According to the Daily Chronicle, 14 people were trapped in the wreckage but were later successfully rescued.

Jaime Garcia Dias ( has read that, according to the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page, the Flagg Township area was struck by a tornado. At a news conference, Sheriff Brian VanVickle reported that 20 homes, including his own, were destroyed, while 50 to 100 sustained significant damage. Several people were injured and are being treated at an area hospital.

According to CNN, there were also tornadoes in Ohio and Iowa. The National Weather Service said there was a 50 mile-long path of tornado damage. It began west of Rochelle and ended in McHenry County.