Parents Die Protecting their Daughter


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in A Storm's a Brewin', Amazing Parents, Tragic Tornado | Posted on 13-05-2015

Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were high school sweethearts who got married to each other in 2004. The couple resided in their hometown on Nashville, Arkansas where they shared an 18-month-old daughter together.

On Sunday, tragedy struck the small town of Nashville, Arkansas who has a population of 4,700. A tornado struck on Mother’s Day, ripping through neighborhoods. The Mooneyhans lived in a mobile home park where the tornado touched down. Parts of the park were completely untouched, while others were demolished. The Mooneyhans lived in the section where the tornado picked up the homes and smashed them to pieces.

While picking through the rubble of the homes, the bodies of Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were found according to the story on John Gray, the local coroner, had confirmed that the couple had died from blunt force trauma during the tornado. However, rescuers found something that they did not expect- the Mooneyhan’s 18-month-old daughter still alive. The toddler was found in her mother’s arms, protected from the flying debris. The girl was checked out at the hospital and released to family members in good condition.

Family members were devastated to receive the news about Michael and Melissa, however they were delighted to hear that their daughter had survived with no injury.

The sentiment that the team at Skout took away from this story was that a parent’s love knows no boundaries.