A Young Dreamer With a Plan Sets His Sites on Clean Oceans


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Trash In Oceans | Posted on 18-06-2015

We learned a couple things when Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared when flying from Malaysia to China in March of last year. First, despite all of our satellites and technology, the oceans are still huge, and they can swallow up planes and people without a trace. Secondly, there is a lot of trash floating around in the world’s oceans. According to investment banker Steve Murray, there were numerous times when searchers thought they found debris from the plane, but it just turned out to be random debris floating in the ocean. Lots of debris is floating in the ocean. It is alarming how many nations must look at the Pacific and other oceans as just massive dumping grounds.

While most 20 year olds are still in school or starting their careers, Boyan Slat is hastily getting about solving the problem of the crap floating in the world’s oceans. He has given a TED talk on the subject of pollution in the oceans and that he intends to solve it. He is basically going to use a huge boom that will utilize the oceans currents to move along and pick up trash as it goes. He is trialling this machine, and it should be up and working in 2016. Cleaning up the world’s oceans is no small task and even if he doesn’t get it done, it is still amazing that there are people out there devoting themselves to such monumental and worthwhile tasks instead of just pursuit of the almighty dollar.