The Earth Is In A Better Place With Trees Now


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Humans Helping, Trees | Posted on 31-03-2015

It has been discovered that despite how much deforestation is happening each year, that humans are finally making a difference in restoring some of the Earth’s natural vegetation and wildlife. According to an article found on reddit and written by, there is evidence that the number of vegetation has grown by four billions tonnes of carbon since their last look at the numbers 12 years ago in 2003. Part of the reason this has happened is there was a massive amount of trees planted in China which has helped out quite a bit, and humans have also been a lot more conscience about saving the planet and making sure that it is healthy for all of us who live on it, and for the animals as well.

Jamie Garcia Dias agrees that this is truly great news, because for once we are hearing about how the Earth is becoming a better It is really inspiring to know that we are all working together as a human race to bring our planet up to a better status. This demonstration of seeing global warming and similar environmental threats go in reverse gives a great inspiration and hope that perhaps we can restore a lot of the damage that has been caused in recent decades. Hopefully this means that the plant will be back in a good standing for years to come, and that people will keep improving it and learn from the mistakes in the past.