Talos: The Small Company with Large Access


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Since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, the state ran monopoly of Petroleos Mexicanos has been the sole producer and driller of oil in the country. This changed in May, when a private oil corporation found a new offshore oil well off the coast of Mexico. The companies involved in this drilling were a London based Premier Oil Plc, Houston’s Talos Energy, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. The well is named The Zama-1 and is located off the southern coast off the Mexican state of Tabasco. The companies won bidding rights to the site in 2015, after Mexico decided to open up its oil industry to outside investment.
Charlie Sharp, an analyst, says that the Zama site is “one of the most interesting exploration wells to be drilled in the sector this year.” The site also is believed to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling is expected to take over ninety days, at a cost of around $16 million but the profits will be beneficial. Talos of Houston is the operator of the well, also having a %35 percent stock in the venture.
Talos is an oil and gas company that is focused on the acquisition of oil and oil resources in the gulf coast and gulf of Mexico. Talos’ use of resource exploration in the Gulf has led them to gain valuable oil fields in the Gulf. They are known as one of the best “small companies.” Talos was started by Tim Duncan and associates in 2011 with over $600 million in equity from previous ventures. This company produced over 16,000 barrels of oil in the fiscal year from the Gulf of Mexico.
The company is backed by investment funds from Apollo Global Management(LLC), Riverstone Holdings (LLC), and Talos management. Ash Shepherd, the commercial manager of Talos, was instrumental in making Talos the first foreign investor in Mexican oil, following Mexico’s 2013 historic Constitutional Energy Reforms. It was the companies access to private assets and investment that may have allowed them to gain this historic access.

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Reinventing Innovation, Bruce Bent II is the Face of the Modern Entrepreneur


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An experienced entrepreneur and holding some impressive credits under his belt, Bruce Bent II has a family history in a life spent thriving independently in the financial industry. Bent’s name is synonymous with some of the most advanced methods procured for the average broker interested in cash dealings and other cash related solutions, asset management for the short term, the retail marketplace, banking, and cash qualified plans. He is one of the brilliant minds behind some of the most technologically advanced and influential products available for those in the financial industry, the world over. Some of the areas in which his innovation has shown improvements include the areas of tech development having to do with cash sweep and in the expansion of programs insured by the FDIC.

A proven manager of one of his many accomplishments, Bruce Bent II was an active CEO of the company The Reserve, which saw impressive growth under his leadership. It was a money market mutual fund, many of its dealings having to do with the FDIC on the money management side of things. He served as CEO of The Reserve over an impressive 17 year period. During his employ, Bruce Bent II oversaw a timely sale and orderly liquidation, dealing with a large portion of the firm’s subsidiaries and affiliates. This was a responsibility that Bent thrived in, even after the 2008 financial crisis.

Currently, Bent serves as President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a leading technology and financial services company. He also oversees as a senior exec to the six branches of Double Rock. Two notable firms out of these six branches include Island Intellectual Property LLC, a patent licensing financial service, and Access Control Advantage LLC, one of the most innovative firms dealing with the retirement market. These two branches have received many accolades, under Bent’s guidance.

Bruce Bent II has been featured and quoted in such successful publications as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and numerous others. He’s recently published an article about his accomplishments through investments in the popular online reads World Journal and China Press, among other literary notable mentions.

Honey Birdette Experiences Continued Intercontinental Success


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Eloise Monaghan founded lingerie brand Honey Birdette in 2006. Since then, the Australian lingerie brand has expanded from 3 stores to 40 stores. Plus, the e-commerce store has grown by 374% in a single year. This was the point where the brand decided to launch their US stores.

The brand is showing that it is going to be very successful globally because of its local success. The fact that Honey Birdette has 55 stores open in its own country speaks volumes. The company decided to launch its first store outside the homeland of Australia in London’s Covenant Garden. Honey Birdette has its sight set on opening additional premium locations in Europe. The private investment company BBRC is backing Honey Birdette. BBRC has five different retail brands under its umbrella with Honey Birdette being one of them.

Honey Birdette offers free delivery on nearly all orders, particularly orders over $50. The vast majority of items are $50, though the price point ranges from $35 to $100. More than likely, most women will be opting in on this offer, as most items are around this price point. Honey Birdette has made returns very simple in the event that a customer would want to make one.

The brand offers beautiful, modern designs that women expect to see this season. From full bodysuits to shouldered bras, Honey Birdette displays its unique and sensual designs in a number of ways. At least 10 more stores are lined up to open in the United Kingdom. The brand is planning on opening additional stores in the UK, by the end of 2018, the store will be opening 40 stores.

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Cuts With A Knife


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There are times when you need to cut something, or you might want to see how strong a knife really is against some objects around the house. Wengie uses a 1,000-degree glowing knife when she cuts various items. One of the first things that she cuts is a Coca-Cola bottle that she shook up so that it has a lot of bubbles inside. She stands the bottle on a table and heats a knife until it’s so hot that it glows. As the knife cuts through the bottle, the drink sprays everywhere. The drink cleaned the knife as Wengie cut through.


The second object is a candy surprise egg. The chocolate melts, but it’s hard to get through the aluminum foil on the outside. The plastic egg inside is melted, and the surprise is a bit damaged from the heat of the knife. She tries to cut through an egg, but it doesn’t work. The egg rolls off of the table and cracks. However, when she uses the knife to go through the inside of the egg, the egg begins to fry on the knife. A Nutella container gets the knife as well. It easily goes through the container, and the chocolate begins to melt on contact with the knife. The chocolate almost burns against the heat that is used. It’s a mess on the table. Other objects that Wengie cuts through include crayons, stuffed animals and even a roll of toilet paper, but the toilet paper burns where the knife is being used and isn’t easy to cut.


Advance Online Marketing Features with White Shark Media


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White Shark Media is an amazing online marketing platform that partners with other organization. As one of the fastest and top leading and improving marketing organization it was well-recognized by the North America. Due to the astonishing and brilliant features it delivers it has made the increase in the number of customers it has. In 2011 Gray Garth started the organization he as well is the CEO of the company. The company assists those minor organizations to grow to higher heights.


The company features include Ad managements and AdWards these are used to help various companies. These features are excellent because a lot of customers tell other people to join White Shark Media. Throughout the years the company has been prosperous, because they were awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in 2001. The company has constantly worked hard to be the greatest in digital marketing organization by making so much effort in improving and also partnering with Microsoft. Strategy success of the company is having cost-effective persistence and low costing services.


White Shark has made it possible for one to start new campaigns by using old accounts through using Clients use Google analytics and call tracking feature to manage campaigns. A lot of customers and various organizations have expressed abundant stories on how the organization has helped them in evolving through using their digital marketing services. Some of the organizations that have seriously contribution from the services White Shark Media provided include Real Estate agency, Ecommerce Store, Junk Removal and Women’s Fashion Retailers.


The company countless transformation has made it work hard on improving online marketing. Through improving the marketing industry White Shark media partnered with many other organizations to increase the AdWords campaigns, through generating better campaigns they can aggressively function in order serve and profit the clients sufficiently.


Keeping Your Morals Can Lead To A Successful Career


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Before getting into the government industry, Helane Morrisson was just a journalist. All the same, when she got the chance to get into the governmental sector, she was determined to reduce all elements of corruption that had established their roots. Additionally, Helane is committed to fighting for the rights of the vulnerable individuals. Her high integrity morals made her stand out and do what is expected as she goes by the rules without any exemptions.
Ms. Helane Morrison completed her degree in journalism and went ahead to do her doctorate while working as the Chief in Editor of the law review of the University. Her experience while she worked as the law clerk incorporated with her passion for helping the vulnerable individuals led her to thrive.
Due to the increase of the soiled reputation of the business and finance industry, she worked even harder to pick out elements of corruption as an attempt to clean up the segment. She never strayed from her goal in the period of thirty years that she had been in the area of work. Instead, she led her colleagues with great charisma and determination until the change was recognizable to the rest of the country.
The global economic crisis in 2007 scared away numerous investors after their investments declined while some disappeared altogether. They were skeptical and insecure of putting in their money to use in the future. All the same, this crisis was an eye-opener as it unveiled a lot of scum such as falsified records, a bevy of unhandled deals and fraud in the finance sector. The repercussions were significant too as it led to unemployment and a collapse in the stock market. No sooner had the scandal been sold than all the investors had liquidated their assets.
Up to date, economists and investors are not at ease. This occurrence is due to the forthcoming elections in the year 2016. The presidential race has great effects on the economy causing the investors to take hold of all their assets and highly slowing down the stock market. The unrest in the financial sector led to reduced faith in the security of property put into the industry. Also, today’s economy is strenuous making it hard to get a hold of the basics let alone setting something aside for investing or saving. On the other hand, this has increased the popularity of investment as a method of attaining wealth as time goes by.
With more than eleven years in the industry, she had a significantly impressive record hence the government offered her the chance to be the Head of Commission and Regional Director. However, she could still balance her work and social life.

Computer Sciences Corporation its CEO, Mr. Eric Pulier


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Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that specializes in information technology products and services, and is located in Falls Church, Virginia. Computer Sciences Corporation currently maintains operations in more than seventy countries around the world, and employees more than seventy thousand individuals.

Computer Sciences Corporation has received many awards and accolades from various accrediting institutions. Some of the awards CSC has received in the past includes: 2009 Peruvian Company of the Year Award, NELI Award for Diversity and Inclusion, one of the Top 25 Technology Vendors for Financial Services Industry, and the SAP Certification for Cloud Services. CSC is undoubtedly one of the most awarded information technology services providers in the world, and has been ranked somewhere on the Forbes 500 list since the year 1995. CSC has also been ranked number eight on Software Magazine’s “Software 500,” which is a list of the biggest information technology companies.

Eric Pulier is the current Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. Mr. Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and attended the prestigious Harvard University. Mr. Pulier received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature, and was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson. Mr. Eric Pulier graduated on time, four years after starting his tenure at Harvard University.

Mr. Eric Pulier has been a very successful entrepreneur before he became the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. After moving to Los Angeles upon graduation, Mr. Pulier founded People Doing Things. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution. In 1997, three years after founding Digital Evolution, Mr. Pulier was chosen to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was presented in Washington D.C. for the president, his cabinet, and other people of importance.

Computer Sciences Corporation was originally founded by Mr. Roy Nutt and Mr. Fletcher Jones in 1959, when information technology and computers were just beginning. Four years after its inception, CSC achieved the title of the biggest software corporation in the United States of America. As if that isn’t enough of an achievement, CSC was also the first information technology company listed on the American Stock Exchange.

CSC has three main branches, which include the North American Public Sector, Managed Services, and Business Solutions and Services.

Computer Sciences Corporation is known to be one of the United States’ government leading information technology services providers, and has served the government since 1961. The bureaucracies that CSC provides its services include the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, and NASA. Computer Sciences Corporation benefits significantly from the United States government, as more than a third of CSC’s revenue came from various branches of the US government.



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Early Life
Brian Bonar is a financial expert in making financial decisions. He has had excellent business structures due to his success in intensive business leadership. He is one of the most successful financial executives in the United States. H graduated from James Watt Technical College having received a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering. He thereafter proceeded to Stanford University for a master in Mechanical Engineering.

Accomplishments and Business History
He is currently the leader of Trucep, incorporated. He has served as a leader in major companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. He worked as a procurement manager for IBM the later on he went and became the Engineering Director for QMS managing 100 people. He moved to Adaptec as a sales manager and after acquiring enough experience he proceeded to start his company called Bezier Systems. Alongside, he still used to work for many other companies before he accrued his success in Dalrado Financial services where he were accredited as the most helpful wonderful colleague.

Bonar’s Major Business Financial Decisions
Bonar advises that if you own a business then there are quite some financial decisions you would need to make including paying taxes, workers’ wages and salaries and even insurance. By doing that one needs an expert financial advisor to get things right. One of the Companies that Brian helped out was Dalrada financial corporation by helping it to manage its payroll. For instance when dealing with payroll things like how much to pay as taxes are jobs that Brian Bonar can do problem free.

When it comes to finance, Bonar has lots of years of experience. He has had to serve several groups and companies to increase his knowledge, for instance, he served as an employee at American Management Services and LLC as a chairperson and CEO. He has a qualification of an MBA and a Ph.D. from the University of Staffordshire.

With nearly over three decades of professional experience in the financial sector, Brian Bonar is exceptionally placed to oversee procedures for Dalrada Financial Company. He has been able to serve as the corporations CEO (a position that holds him answerable for a vast employee selection as well as employer benefits and the aftermarket products. This company is a marketing liaison that supping a very broad program for employees that increase the business efficiency.

Bonar is one of the best financial experts in the United States with over thirty years of experience and with a proper clear record of performance in several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. He helps businesses make financial decisions by giving them a proper channel to manage their finances and tackle the most problematic decisions underlying finances.

Adam Sender Combines his Business and Extracurricular Pursuits to Amass a Unique Art Collection


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Leading hedge fund manager, Adam Sender remains an integral figure inboth the business and art industries. Formerly the founder and owner
of his previously successful company, Exis Capital Management
Incorporation, this prominent executive is most recognized for
intertwining his professional and extracurricular pursuits. As anexpert art collector, Sender has amassed over 1,000 pieces totaling toapproximately $100 million in value, all of which were accumulatedover the span of two decades. These massive numbers directly reflect
his strategic business and investment skills which were cultivated
since the late 1990s during his during his employment at SAC Capital
Advisors LP. Most importantly, his sound decisions has greatlyinfluenced the growth of his fine painting portfolio and hisdistinguished acknowledgement as America’s most prominent artcollector.

In his effort to develop an exclusive great works assortment, Senderemployed his prior business expertise to acquire many reasonably pricedartwork. For over twenty years, he has managed many effective hedge fund
investments which involved choosing promising equity, therefore, he
was well acquainted with selecting quality paintings which would
greatly increase in value over time. Most importantly, his backgroundin strategic financing along with his avid interest in unique fineprints enables him to purchase work from the most renownedcontemporary artists around the world.

Sender’s gradual accumulation of excellent yet inexpensive artwork wasan extremely worthy investment as he has just recently sold his prestigiouscollection for 70 million through Sotheby’s auction house. Notably,
the many years of smart choices with guiding intelligence ultimately
profited in the long run and he hopes to share his rewarding
experience with novice art collectors both locally and internationally.

For many great works enthusiasts, purchasing art began as an exciting
hobby or extracurricular activity which quickly blossomed to an
unintentional obsession. Although Sender supports the acquisition ofmany exquisite paintings, he strongly believes new art collectorsshould weigh the current price tag with the potential return ofinvestment. According to Sender, each painting is extremely unique despite the
genre or creator, however, individuals should consider the value of
the work ten or twenty years from now.

There are many genres from which art connoisseurs may choose topurchase. While some collectors may prefer Cubism, Futurism, or
Indigenous pieces, others might gravitate toward Mannerism,
Photorealism, or Pop paintings. Even though the combination of prints
can vary, extremely talented art enthusiasts is skilled in assembling
a mixture of genres into their portfolio. Essentially, an appealing
collection will most likely revel the connoisseurs distinct taste and
preference. Most importantly, a highly successful portfolio is a
reflection of the art aficionado’s unique personality. Notably, Sender assists
many individual’s in reaching this level of art sophistication.

The Top 3 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Like Dan Newlin During the Consultation


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Attorney Dan Newlin is a person injury and accident lawyer serving Florida and Illinois. He and the other attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are highly experienced. They have and excellent reputation and have recovered over $200 million for clients. Newlin also offers free case consultation to potential clients.

Before hiring any personal injury lawyer, a consultation or interview will need to take place. These interviews and consultations can be intimidating at first, and many people don’t know which questions they should ask of a potential attorney. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask when selecting a personal injury attorney.

What type of cases do they usually handle?

A general practitioner will hand all sorts of cases, and personal injury cases are only part of what they do. It is typically much better to hire a specialist, who will have more knowledge and experience in this specific type of law.

How much experience do they have?

Nothing will hinder a client’s case like an inexperienced attorney without the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to properly represent injury and accident victims. An experienced attorney who understands the insurance companies and court systems involved and who has an excellent track record will definitely do a better job in handling a case and getting a client the compensation of the amount they are entitled to.

What does their track record look like?

If the attorney has many past cases with successful outcomes, this is a very good thing for the client. When a claim is filed, which lawyer the plaintiff is being represented by will have a substantial impact on what an insurance company does. They know which local lawyers will take cases to court and which ones will just settle as quickly as possible. Being represented by a lawyer who has a history of successful outcomes in similar cases can pose a serious threat to insurance companies, and they will be much more likely to cooperate.