Restored Electricity In Venezuela Brings Bright Spot In A Dim Country


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Venezuela News | Posted on 17-06-2016


While there is little to celebrate in Venezuela, Facebook bloggers recently reported on an ease in the electricity rationing in the country here.
The waters at the Guri reservoir, where tow-thirds of the country’s electricity come from, rose this week and will allow the country to try to return some things back to normal. The two-day work week for public sector workers will be changed so workers can work Monday and Tuesday at regular hours, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday they will work half days. Schools will return to 5 days a week, allowing children to return to their classroom schedule, and weekend rationing will also come to an end.
While the government claims the drought caused the shortage due to their electricity coming from a hydroelectric dam, opposition to the government claimed it was further proof of corruption in the government.
While the citizens of the country were already dealing with a lack of basic supplies including medicine and food, the lack of water and electricity simply added fuel to the fire that is growing as the country continues to sink in a pit of financial crisis, says economic czar Diaz Granados.