Officials take action in Squaw Valley water contamination


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What has happened since Squaw Valley was shown to have E coli and coliform bacteria in its water that residents were drinking? Was contaminated water given out to the public?


The Nov. 8 report said that the Squaw Valley drinking water had become a potential health issue. The water around Squaw Valley has been getting consistently treated. Tests have currently confirmed that three fourths of the well system are showing low levels of coliform and no E. coli at all. That is the most current report.


So here is what originally happened. Back in October, heavy rains adversely affected some parts of the water systems in Pacer County, California in an area known as Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley is a resort that also includes High Camp and Gold Coast. This unfortunate rain storm required upgraded water systems to be installed at both High Camp and Gold Coast. These were safety measures taken by leading water experts and public service experts from Pacer County. One water system had become contaminated, while none of the other water systems were affected, according to reports. Reports also confirm that no contaminated water was given out to the public.


How was the issue detected? It was detected through routine water testing. Leading water safety experts were consulted. Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service offices were also notified. The necessary steps have been take to address the contamination issue and it will continue to be monitored until reaching normal healthy water levels.


So when will regular usage of water return to High Camp or Gold Coast? Regular water usage will not return to either Squaw Valley location until health officials have confirmed that the water is safe.


Customer safety is the most important to the Squaw Valley resort. Once the issue is completely resolved, tourists and visitors at both High Camp and Gold Coast locations will be able to fully access all the facilities. Currently, the resorts are offering free bottled water for visitors and confirm that they will update tourists once the issue is resolved.


Safety officials in Pacer County have been made aware of the contamination. They have also moved quickly to treat the contaminated water and get the regular water levels back up to a normal state.Even though bottled water is a society norm, Squaw Valley still strives to provide the healthiest drinking water to its visitors and residents alike.



Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Flooding in Northeast Texas Results in Bridge Collapse, Rescue


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Extensive rains in parts of Texas on Sunday resulted in the issuance of Flash Flood Warnings for Collin, Fannin and Hunt Counties northeast of Dallas. Rains had previously soaked the area, and the rain on Sunday led to swollen rivers, flooding and road closures.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office reported extensive flooding around the small communities of Lavon, Nevada and Josephine in Texas. Some evacuations became necessary as water seeped into homes. The American Red Cross established a relief center at a church in Josephine.

A motorist, Kyle Kelly, and another driver helped rescue a couple who had become trapped in a pickup truck in the South Sulphur River. They were driving across a rural bridge at FM118 and part of the bridge had collapsed. Keith Mann was shocked to learn that their truck fell into the water. They told Kelly they watched a second portion of the structure collapse while they were trapped.

The Good Samaritans came across the scene and discovered the trapped man waving for assistance. They tied a rope to the couple and pulled them up the bank to safety.

Kyle Kelly reported that the driver told him “they got about 20 feet away- they were going about 40(mph)- and slammed on their brakes and just went straight down into it. They didn’t have time to stop or anything…” He indicated that he was glad he was able to help them escape from danger.

Super Cell Storm System Sweeps Through Midwest States


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A series of Super Cell storms raged through parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas causing devastation, injuries and leaving a number of homes without power. The series of large cells produced over fifty tornadoes over a wide swath of the midwest plains. So far at least twenty people have been reported injured. Sam Tabar ( is glad to know that no deaths have been reported but police and first responders are still inspecting areas impacted by the series of storms which also produced a significant amount of rain, hail and flooding. The number of people without power and the number of homes that were destroyed or damaged are also being assessed. While the midwest is used to tornadoes and storms this time of year, the number of super cells which have produced multiple tornadoes in shorter windows has increased significantly in recent years. The strength of the twisters which struck the midwest plains last night have not been determined yet but the sheer volume have many people concerned that this is no longer a trend but a change in the weather pattern that will have to adjust too. Super Cells Rage Midwest

Some scientist believe that the change in the weather pattern is a result of global warming but their findings are not conclusive. Residents in the midwest are trained for severe storm systems such as the ones which struck yesterday. Many homes and schools have modern storm shelters and network television broadcast detailed warnings of storms which can produce tornadoes or heavy winds and rain.

Pacific Blob Could Explain Unusual Weather Patterns


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The United States has been seeing extremely strange weather patterns in the last few years. Droughts out West, increased snowfall in the East and arctic blasts across the Midwest have scientists clambering to come up with answers.

A large pocket of warmer than usual water in the Pacific, affectionately nicknamed the blob, may be to blame. Since 2013 there has been a large pool of water off the West Coast, extending from Alaska to Mexico, about 7 degrees warmer than average.

Some scientists speculate that the blob may be to blame for the strange weather patterns around the country. They believe the warm water is creating a high pressure ridge that is incapacitating normal weather patterns that deliver moisture to the West.

It isn’t just the weather that’s being affected. Sam Tabar knows that the warm water is impacting wild life in a huge way. Schools of tropical fish not indigenous to the coastal waters are moving in. The entire ecosystem is being disrupted by the changes in water temperature.

Scientists believe this pocket of warm water is part of a much larger natural cycle. They think it could be a precursor to El Nino which would bring in much needed moisture to the West Coast. Either way it could provide valuable data regarding how water temperatures affect weather cycles.

Go Away Winter


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It might be a new month, but that doesn’t mean winter is over. There is yet another winter storm barreling down on the people who live in the eastern part of the United States. Some might think that winter is a season of playing in the snow, building snowmen and relaxing in front of a warm fire, but after this season, many people just want it to be over. Enough is enough as the snow seems to fall each week. People at Anastasia Date have heard that there are cancellations everywhere as schools close and business take action to protect customers and employees. Bring on the warm weather of spring and summer as soon as possible as this is a time of getting outside and out from under the brutal cold that has gripped the country. Next year might be just as bad, worse or better, but until then, the hold of winter needs to let go as soon as possible.

Winter Blowing In All Over US


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A developing winter storm that began over one day ago has left an estimated 300,000 people without power across the United States. Conditions are expected to continue for a few more days in the eastern US. Temperature averages there are expected to remain up to 25 degrees below normal for mid February. According to the warm stormsector of the storm will bring thunderstorms from eastern Texas to the coast of South Carolina. The wintery conditions extending from the southern planes to the mid-Atlantic are attributed to a wide area of low pressure increasing storm strength. Zeca Oliveira has heard that most areas will receive 6 inches of snow or more from this storm system. The area extends from southeastern Missouri to southern West Virginia. Freezing rain making for icy roadways are anticipated for an area from Oklahoma to central Arkansas.

The National Weather Service anticipate another system to prevail after this current system subsides, and arctic-like conditions to remain in the eastern US for several more days. The New England States have received an estimated 5-6 feet of snow thus far during the winter of 2015.

Just a Little Ice


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States in the southeast of the country are dealing with ice and snow as a weather system moves up the coast. While this system moves through, there are people who have no power due to ice building on the lines. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has also heard there are also travel issues on roads that have, and have not, been treated by state crews. News stations have been warning people of the impending storm for days, and there are still people who saw it as a surprise. When it comes to an ice storm, it’s best to be prepared. If you don’t pay attention to the news, then find another way to stay on top of the weather so that you aren’t caught off guard when there isn’t any power. Numerous people flooded grocery stores to stock up on bread, milk and other supplies to get them through the storm, so it’s not like no one knew there could be a possibility of ice on the roads.

Another Major Snowstorm Hits


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It seems like this winter has been one major snowstorm after another, and almost every part of the country has been effected at least once. As Susan McGalla of American Eagle knows, the first part of February was tough on the northeast, getting pummeled with some areas over 3 feet of snow. This most recent snow and ice storm hit the southeast, where they rarely see snow all winter long. With the school and work closings, is also coming power outages. As of Tuesday morning 153,000 homes in Georgia, 76,000 in South Carolina and 35,000 in North Carolina were without power.

With 6 – 8 inches predicted to fall from Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon, Washington DC has instructed all non-essential workers to stay home. Because of the unusually cold temperatures for this area, as well as the wet weather, the roads are very icy. Since this weather is not the norm for this area, they do not have the means to prepare for such dangerous conditions.